Deer Lake Taxi was family owned and run for over fifty years, we believe in consistency and service. Our fleet of vehicles is ready and available to meet your meets, whether you are heading out for a hunt or heading out for fun. You can depend on us to get you there. Our drivers are professional, friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. Deer Lake Taxi, quality and experience cannot be beat.


Yellow Cabs has been operating in Deer Lake for twenty-five years. Dean Simmons is the owner and has fifteen years experience in the transportation field.

Small and mid-sized vehicles, and larger vans are available to fit your personal needs; and we are able to handle long distances, late night requests, and parcel deliveries.

We are more than just a set of wheels, though. We offer our services with you in mind, valuing your safety and the quality of your experience. We offer the best prices, even for longer trips.

Our Commitment:

We believe that all people deserve respect, no matter what their walk of life. We have found that positive thinking will take us much further than the alternative. We understand that we are not perfect, but when we keep these things in our minds at all times, we will get you from Point A to Point B with a pleasant, safe, smooth ride.